Saber Marionette J GN 1 & 2

By David Rasmussen, 29th Sep 04
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Publisher - TOKYOPOP
Age - OT (Older Teen 16+)
Story by Satoru Akahori
Artwork by Yumisuke Kotoyoshi
Translation - Jeremiah Bourque
English Adaptation by Paul Morrisay
English Adaptation and Associate Editor - Tim Beedle
Retouch and Lettering - John Lange
Senior Editor - Mark Paniccia

Graphic Novel 1
Oh-kay... explain this to me.
Colony ship filled with bright people crashes on planet and everyone instead a few guys who were probably NOT the brightest of the colony ship survive... they find ONE woman in a suspension tube and somehow they survive... yet somehow women do NOT survive.
So how did the men carry on without women after they all died?
How the heck should I know. The plot after this point is a little iffy... but forget that since men eventually did "build" women again (as machines known as Marionettes which are basically sex toys and servants)... Guys on this world? Long on technological skills, short on everything else including common sense.
The mere reason they never tried to bring women back (in the flesh and blood) for so long proves how shallow minded they are, and as we eventually reach the present day and the point of the story we see that somebody at least has the idea to bring women back.

The point of the series, at least what I can see of it, is that it seems now is a good time to resurrect women on this planet. They have women robots but not a female spirit in these robots... until now.
That's where main character Otaru Mamiya comes into the picture. From a long line of male characters who haplessly become attached to one or more amazing female characters, this one is no different as he ends up caring for three of these special Marionettes (Saber Marionettes) named Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry.

But any exploration into awakening their female sides will have to be done enroute to a mission to stop a neighboring war-mongering nation from invading Otaru's home country. Which might not be so easy since this nation has it's own evil version of Saber Marionettes, and a plot to make "war" skilled Marionettes to use against their neighbors.

So if Otaru can survive this mission, and awaken the female spirit inside these three Saber dolls? Well... you'll have to check it out for yourself and see what happens.

Saber Marionette J Breakdown the 1st and 2nd
What's Hot?
I liked it. I haven't seen the Anime version yet, and didn't have $200 to buy the recently released giant collected set holding every episode and OAV of the series, so this is my only exposure to the series to date... and I liked what I saw. Nice.

What's Not?
Hmm -- I don't know but there are some things about this that just doesn't sit well.
But it's little details and not worth complaining about, so I won't.

Moments to Remember?
The stuff with Lime, Cherry and Bloodberry are the most memorable, especially when we're touching on the awakening of their female spirits.

What to Ignore?
Ah, to be relentlessly stalked to death by your own neighbor who seems to be in love with you. Guy needs a restraining order with his name on it delivered ASAP... doesn‘t help that he‘s a total dork and an annoying jerk all rolled into one bad package that should be ignored -- for your own sanity.

Ah, the series is a good read. Not perfect, but good enough that I want to recommend you at least check it out and see if it's something you'd want to read or not. Well worth at least giving it a shot in my book.

By David Rasmussen, 29th Sep 04

Saber Marionette

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