Es Volume 1

By David Rasmussen, 14th Jan 07
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Es may not leap out right away to much of us who are not total complete 110% Otaku as a familiar title, but maybe this is the title you should check out for the start of 2007.

Kai Kudou is part of an elite organization of psychics known as Ashurum, and life for him seems good. He‘s out there catching the “bad guys“ day in and day out, has this hot woman who is abit of an airhead but yet is so loyal to him it‘s downright weird, and his work seems so nice… yeah. So how come on one mission when he saves a normal girl everything goes south faster than you can scream “STOP E-MAILING ME, MR. FOLEY?!?”… no, really, stop e-mailing me.

The female partner who was watching the girl while he fetched her water is shot dead, and the panicky lynch mob who did it tried to kill him but failed (calling him a monster). Obviously he is not entirely in the know about his “teammates“ at Ashurum, which is clear once he gets back to the others and finds out that the woman who is so hooked up on him has fallen unconscious and her brother is well on his way towards a thermonuclear meltdown because of what happened to her, ready to take it out on anyone in his way be it human or “ally“… yes, Kai, that means you, get down.

Kai is left behind, and is found by the very humans who sometime ago were trying to kill him (but not the same ones as he wasn‘t killed). He ends up in their custody and… well… after a flashback as to how he ended up there (with that angry brother keeping Kai away from his sister then vanishing in a nuclear display of his power) it looks like an interesting door might open in Kai‘s future, and the opportunity to really do right by the people he wanted to protect might just be handed to him… if they can learn to trust someone who they see as a monster (and yes, somehow it seems Ashurum may be making psychics into “monsters“, but whether they mean it in a figurative or litteral sense remains to be seen).

The volume ends, and we‘re left with a few questions that can only be answered… next volume.
But for now, how about a breakdown.

Es BD T 1st… uh… oh, wait, you know what that means.
Right out of the starting gate we have ourselves an intriguing read. Yeah, at first smack it may seem like abit of a been there done that proposition but as the plot unfolds and the story develops I hope the story stands out and really shines on it’s own merits. Still it’s only the start and it right now has promise but also seems to be something you might have been down through before given the plot of man finds out everything he believes isn’t the truth and there’s more to what’s going on than meets the eye… then he offs and joins a rebel group to fight the organization he once belonged to and becomes everyone’s favorite hero while fighting to get back to the woman he likes while falling in love with someone else… or something like that.
But I did like it for a good start out of the gates, so let’s get Es a nice starting present with 4 “Jusy Say No To Being The Anakin” out of 5.

By David Rasmussen, 14th Jan 07

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