Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2

By David Rasmussen, 14th Sep 08
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When it comes to all things golf I am a pretty one track mindÖ well, other than this golf game Iím reviewing on the SNES for Console Comforts I am a pretty one track mind. Yeah, other than thatÖ and maybe any really cheap golf game I can get for the PSPÖ or the Game GearÖ whatever.

When it comes to Tiger Woods vs. my favorite golf game ever (the Hot Shots series) thereís no competition. Hot Shots Golf is the best golf franchise out there right now, and if you must have a golf game on the PSP it should be this without a shadow of a doubt.

If you played the original then you know what youíre getting into, but if you havenít then let me fill you in a little on whatís coming up. Itís golf. Pure and simple.

With a dozen exotic courses (Öok, if youíre familiar with HSG then youíve seen these courses before) you pick the best looking (and I mean anime-ish SD cute or cool) golfer and go golfing. Like the first version you can unlock a ton of stuff to allow you to completely change your look with new hairs, clothes and accessories (some of these giving you modifications to your stats). Further customize with a variety of clubs and balls to play (some with a special ability to it) and you got yourself a game of golf.

Practice (which is nice but the best training comes with on the job playing) is nice, but the meat and potatoes of the game is the Challenge mode where you play in both tournaments (against a group of players) and one on one challenges. Winning these

earn you accessory cards (a specific card depending on which you play) until you earned enough points to challenge a special golfer (who you must beat in order to progress, as well as add said opponent as a playable character).

Otherwise the game is basically the same as before (with the same gameplay only with added stuff, gear and so forth). If you happen to have a few friends you can either play ad-hoc mode (8 players) or wi-fi online compatible (up to 16 players can play at once during a tournament mode).

Downside? Not much.
Itís still the best golf game you can get right now short of certain things like the new Super Swing Golf (Wii). It may not have as many new bells and whistles as one may wish, but itís still good to go. Of course if you

are not much of a golf fan just telling you this game is fun isnít going to be enough to convince you to jump in, but if you are a golf fan and havenít tried out this series yet then you really should. As far as golf games goes this is fun, and something you should play.

Ever since it first came out on the PS2 Iíve been a fan of this franchise, so I am abit biased to this game. I have the same appreciation to this franchise others may have to, say, Madden or (dare I say it) Tiger Woods. So for my part of it Iím giving it a 4 out of 5... Of course thatís if you like Hot Shots Golf or Golf in general, otherwise it might not be the game for you.

By David Rasmussen, 14th Sep 08

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2

Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 game review



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