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By David Rasmussen, 14th Feb 10
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If you ever were an avid player of the SNES then you no doubt remember the classic breakthrough Donkey Kong Country series released by RARE. After all before then the only way we knew Donkey Kong was through the old school arcade machines like Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr. and Donkey Kong 3. Nice, but DK was mostly the enemy (or in Jr. the one needing rescue) and wasn’t the star of the game… until DKC. Of course if something happened between the two series I just mentioned with Donkey Kong as the lead I totally missed out on it… obviously.

It’s years later from the original series and DK is now Cranky Kong, and a new Donkey Kong (who I suppose was Jr. from the original series) is the new lead. As the game opens his banana stash had just been raided by his nemesis the
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walking gator… wow… I totally forgot it’s name… anyway he whose name I can’t remember and his Kremlings (if I remember that right) stop Kong’s bananas and it’s up to Kong and Diddy Kong (the new “Jr” just don’t call him Jr) to put things right by going through level after level of innovative side scrolling fun to reach the end and beat the bosses to get your bananas back one stash at a time.

You remember when you first played DKC, and how totally addictive and all consuming the gameplay was? Yeah. I remember that too. It was quick and easy to pick up and learn right out of the box, fast to master but still way challenging and skill testing as not to be a total pushover game (but then again not Castlevania slash Super Ghouls and Ghosts level impossible) and it even had
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a portable when it was originally out… for the Game Boy Color. Donkey Kong Land, not as colorful or vibrant as this GBA release (since this is a port of the SNES version of course) but it got the job done and was fun. This does the same thing, and in this new GBA version it even adds content to an already good game. Now I had this game for awhile, but traded it off to get new content to review… oh well, I’m going to get it again in the near future because it is quite fun (maybe get the other two in the series as well since I only ever played the first two, totally missed out on the third one which is a shame). The game on the GBA is as good (if not better) than the original, and is the same great fun as before. Of course your playing on a smaller screen, and maybe the controls are different than the SNES controller of course but still all in all it’s a port that does justice to the original game (and even takes it abit further with fresh content, though I couldn’t exactly tell you all the content since I don’t remember it all though I think I remember there being new mini game content in the GBA version that wasn’t there in the original SNES version of the game).

Overall if you have as much fond memories of the series as I do you should have this game in your collection (if you haven’t picked it up already when it first came out). Well worth owning if you’re an avid GBA fan (or a fan, of course, of Donkey Kong and his many series).

By David Rasmussen, 14th Feb 10

Donkey Kong Country

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