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By Eric, 28th Apr 04
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Let's get one thing straight. Despite its cutesy, silly look, Dragon Pink is HENTAI. Not for kiddies...Now, on to the review

Why am I giving hentai a good review? Isn't it just mindless scenes of hot monkey love? Actually, this series only has one or two sex scenes per episode..though there's a good deal of nudity and raunchy humor to make up for it. The characters and premise are what entertained me. Ever play an RPG like Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy? It takes place in such a world, where characters gain experience and get prizes from slaying random monsters. It's very cute.

The show revolves around four characters who are chosen by the game's player (Clever). Be warned,

they have stupid names. Santa is the hero knight. Pierce is the magic using elf. Bobo is the big, bulky warrior. Pink is Santa's lowly cat-slave, often used for bait. Poor Pink.

This series is very short, so it doesn't have much of a main plot. It's essentially about the exciting and erotic adventures that Pink and the others have in their world of fantasy. It actually works rather well. The sex scenes themselves are slightly graphic, but nothing like La Blue Girl was. I was also glad to see that this show goes out of its way to be dirty MUCH less often than most hentai. It prevents it from becoming so cheap that you look

pathetic for watching.

Bad points? Well, for those of you who watch this purely for the sex, the scenes are comprised of a few animations that basically get repeated in an A-B-C-D-A-B-C-D order. Perhaps not THAT predictable, but you WILL be seeing a lot repeated. Also, Santa WILL annoy you. He's a sleazebag who treats Pink like dirt. How does she put up with him?

If you have nothing in mind but NUDITY and HOT, SWEATY INTERCOURSE than you may as well look elsewhere for something more hardcore. Shame on you. However, if you have no shame and would like to see a hentai that actually has some charm to it, give Dragon Pink a try.


By Eric, 28th Apr 04

Dragon Pink

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