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Cooking Mama 3: Shop & Chop game review Cooking Mama 3 : Shop n' Chopď

After the game that I thought we'd never speak of again, Gardening Mama, I didn't know if we'd eve...

Cake Mania 3 game review Cake Mania 3ď

Well it's here, what should have been the final outing of Cake Mania... but as it turns out it was...

Phoenix Wright, Ace Attorney: Justice for All game review Phoenix Wright: Justice for Allď

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Objection! ... Overruled

Posted by John Huxley on 31st Dec 10
Objection! ... Overruled

I can't claim it's been anything but a slow year, though hopefully another mammoth update courtesy of David's games reviews will go some way to making up for it. All linked below as usual, and containing a good mix of PSP, DS and Wii games. There are some PSP Minis and Wiiware titles in there, but for the sake of simplicity I'm not going to separate them from the 'regular' PSP and Wii titles. And one of those is Phoenix Wright, which gives me an excuse to invoke one of the most awesome soundbytes in recent videogame history...Objection!

Shameless fan service

Posted by John Huxley on 22nd Aug 10

The skin to your left which has irrevocably already grabbed the attention of at least 50% of the people visiting this site is bought to you by Daphne in the Brilliant Blue. I'm not going to make excuses here; Daphne in the Brilliant Blue is a show that sells itself primarily on sex appeal, which is never a good indicator of quality. Heck, even Evangelion has been guilty of that, so who knows? Click the link below to find out!

On an unrelated note, this is my first update in quite a while but we're not planning on stopping any time soon. In fact I hope to give the site another overhaul in the near future which might bring back some of the more community driven features such as user reviews. We'll see.

And we're not the only ones who are back - regular contributor Shabbir has given Simple Gamer a lick of fresh paint so give that a look when you're done here.

Introduction to my toy reviews (2010)

Posted by David Rasmussen on 24th Apr 10
Introduction to my toy reviews (2010)

Hmm... itís been awhile since thereís been a toy review here. Letís see if we can rectify that. OK. Before we go any further letís get some ground rules down and settled.

1-For the immediate future only toys I have on hand are going to be reviewed. I will try to allocate a few dollars a month towards picking new stuff off the bargain bin at stores like Kmart or Target but until I find a way to make a budget JUST for toy reviews Iím going to have to work within my means.

2-Donations of toys for review are always welcome. Iíll put a post up on the discussion board to see if thereís any interested donators and see where that goes.


Ski Sunday

Posted by John Huxley on 21st Feb 10
Ski Sunday

It's Sunday, there's skiing on TV and if you're British and of a certain age you probably have a particular TV theme tune in your head right now. And hoping that nobody falls. Oh no.

So allow David to take you back to Ski Sunday's glory days with a well timed review of Lillehammer Ď94 Winter Olympics for the Mega Drive. Ski Sunday's glory days maybe, but good lord were these games awful. Thankfully there's better fare to be had with the likes of Dragon Warrior/Quest 3 for the Gameboy Colour and demo reviews of Monsters Deluxe and Crystal Defenders. Full list below.

Digital Devil: Games > Anime

Posted by John Huxley on 14th Feb 10
Digital Devil: Games > Anime

If you read my review of the Digital Devil anime a little while back you'll know exactly what I thought of it. Which, to summarise, is not a lot. Thankfully David has stepped in to provide his view on what the long-running series is best known for: videogames. In this case the slightly overlooked yet no less excellent DS version, Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor. There's also reviews of Star Wars for the Game Gear, Mario Land, Mario Bros Deluxe, Donkey Kong Country and a whole bunch of other games which are linked to the right. Enjoy!

Traveling Retro Game Boy Version

Posted by David Rasmussen on 14th Feb 10
Traveling Retro Game Boy Version

This is the third time weíve done this, isnít it. The third portable handheld weíre talking about in terms of traveling potential. Last time we did this was with the DS Lite and then the PSPÖ now itís the Game Boyís turn. And while we have a few old returning friends we put said friends into new useage I didnít think of beforeÖ and no, I donít mean in a bad way either. First off letís talk traveling pack contents both inside and out.


Do you want fries with that?

Posted by John Huxley on 17th Jan 10
Do you want fries with that?

I honestly had no idea.

David could be on to something here, because there are just so many games that revolve around cooking and food that they could legitimately warrant their own genre. Cooking Mama was just the beginning (well, not technically, but who's counting?). Here David takes a look at a myriad of cooking related games including several Cake Mania games for a variety of platforms, Burger Shop, Pastry Passions, Iron Chef...the list goes on. And once you've decided which games tickle your fancy, you can even read up on the accessories you'll need in his handy cooking related travel guide below. Serious business!

Cooking With the DS : Traveling Pack for the Cooking Fan (2010 Edition)

Posted by David Rasmussen on 17th Jan 10
Cooking With the DS : Traveling Pack for the Cooking Fan (2010 Edition)

So far I've done several of these, all talking about the best traveling set up for you when  taking your DS on the road. Here's another one, this time out focused on the best gaming set up for you if you happen to be a cooking/food puzzler kind of gamer and looking for the ideal set up (now with newly added accessories I just found out about and looking to review in the near future).


Good god! (of war)

Posted by John Huxley on 31st Dec 09
Good god! (of war)

In our last update of 2009, David takes a first look at one of 2010's most anticipated games, God of War III. There's already a demo available to those lucky enough to have bought the presumably excellent God of War Collection on PS3, which sadly isn't available in Europe (and won't be unless you buy the overpriced God of War III SE...gee, thanks SCEE!). There's also reviews for a couple of oldies, Siberia on the Xbox and the oddity that is Castlevania's first 3D outing on the Nintendo 64.

Enjoy, and see you next year!


Posted by John Huxley on 21st Dec 09

It's almost Christmas, so which new releases will we be recommending for your Christmas stocking? Modern Warfare 2? Final Fantasy XIII? Nope. Try Ms. Pac Man and Retro Game Challenge.

David has been looking at some classic games for the Sega Genesis (or Mega Drive as we know it round these parts), pictured to the left emblazoned with that classic shiny gold '16-bit' badge. And continuing with the retro Christmas theme we've also got reviews of Midway Arcade Treasures Extended Play for the PSP and the excellent yet sadly neglected DS gem Retro Challenge. Hope you have a great Christmas, and keep an eye out for more updates before the new year.

The Sega Genesis: Prelude to 16-Bit Retro

Posted by David Rasmussen on 20th Dec 09
The Sega Genesis: Prelude to 16-Bit Retro

Like with the Game Gear before once again I picked Nintendo over SEGA when these systems first came out, gyrating first to the NES over the Master System, and then to the SNES over the Genesis (aka the Mega Drive). Never once did I regret that decision (and if you look at a lot of my review stock most of it is Nintendo based) but these days IĎm going back to the systems I missed the first time about, this time focusing on the Genesis from SEGA.


Who's the king of the jungle now?

Posted by John Huxley on 15th Nov 09
Who's the king of the jungle now?

Anyone unfamiliar with his Tekken 3 outing won't feel the same mix of rage and nostalgia upon seeing Gon. On the one hand he's a familiar face from an excellent game, on the other hand you will have horrible memories of trying to sweep kick the little b'stard in to submission as all your combos and tactics went out of the window.

When he's not being a cheap little so-and-so, he's usually the star of his very own comic. And if you can put aside the urge to punch him in the face for long enough, you'll find that it's actually very good. Besides, if you did try to punch him in the face I don't think you'd be around long enough to regret it. This guy sleeps on a bear.

Manga reviews: Gon

Riddle me this...

Posted by John Huxley on 13th Sep 09
Riddle me this...

No, this isn't a post about the admittedly excellent Arkham Asylum, but rather the plethora of puzzle games that David has been working his way through recently. From Puzzle Quest to My Kingdom for the Princess and TWO editions of Luxor, that's quite a lot of head scratching and colour matching going on there. Let's hope he isn't all puzzled-out by the time he gets to the new Professor Layton game...

What's hidden under the floorboard of shame?

Posted by John Huxley on 31st Aug 09
What's hidden under the floorboard of shame?

Hidden under the floorboards in my dusty attic is a secret so shameful I've buried the memory deep down at the back of my mind...until now. It's time to admit that I've collected some truly dire anime over the years, and I'm here to share that burden so hopefully you can avoid making the same mistakes I have.

And we'll start with the most heinous of my crimes - the inexcusably awful Digital Devil. This is an interesting one, because it's based on the increasingly popular Persona/Digital Devil Saga series of RPGs that actually date back to the 80's despite only coming to prominence in the west recently. Well, that doesn't stop it from sucking something rotten! Enjoy...or not.

Anime reviews: Digital Devil

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